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Vatican City

You must be ready to visit the Vatican museums and St. Peter’s basilica, it is one of the fundamental moments of a trip to Rome!


First of all a dress code is required, simple, but to keep in mind, shoulders and knees must be covered. It’s nice to have comfortable shoes because it’s a tour that lasts 3 hours because they are among the great museums of the world and have an extension of over 7 kilometres.


You can opt for ordinary tickets or VIP tickets which, however, can only be purchased in advance and the cost is slightly different.


Inside the museums you can enjoy vending machines, coffee, cafeteria, self-service restaurant, positioned in the gardens and bookshops to bring back a souvenir.

Private guided tour of Vatican Museum including the Sistine Chapel

You will enter in a very special state, the state of the Holy See, the doors of which would otherwise be closed to you

Booking a private guided tour of the Vatican Museums is not just limited to the famous frescoes by Michelangelo that decorate the chapel where the popes are elected.

We will lead you along the galleries that displays the 126 thousand treasures accumulated by the papacy over the centuries.

Our guided tour offers you the opportunity to focus on the masterpieces of all times, such as the apartment of Pope Julius II decorated by Raphael, that of the sulphurous Pope Borgia, and the famous Roman antiquities, of which just Belvedere’s Apollo would be worth the trip.


Private guided tour at Saint Peter’s basilica

Take advantage of our private guided tour, which lasts 1 hour, to put together the tiles of centuries of history whose traces are engraved on the stone.

With its 218 meters in length, 114 meters in width, the transept that reaches 154 meters, the area of ​​the Basilica of Saint Peter is in itself almost two hectares, without mentioning of the volumes that cannot described you have to experience the majesty of this place in first person!

  The blueprint of the dome, absolutely brilliant, was made by Michelangelo, known to be the greatest sculptor of all the times, the famous painter of the Sistine Chapel but he was also a talented architect and a poet, in two words a genius.

The dome is an architectural wonder with a diameter of 42 meters and a total height of 136 meters, and if you love panoramas and don’t suffer highs, the top can be reached by a staircase (of just 551 steps).

The basilica of Saint-Pierre displays an unimaginable wealth; its marble, its gilded stuccoes, the shining mosaics, the bronze of Bernini’s sumptuous canopy, and Michelangelo’s masterpiece, the Pietà.

We will tell you how, almost 2 thousand years ago, it all began with a simple tomb, that of the Apostle Peter, continued with a Roman emperor, Constantine, and then Charlemagne, and then Julius II – the pope who dreamed to be Julius Caesar -, and to be continued.

Our itinerary will lead you to admire wonderful masterpieces but we will also visit the crypts where the tombs of the popes are located.

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Outstanding Tour of the Vatican Museums and the Sistine Chapel and the Roman Forum and Colosseum

Rated 5,0 out of 5

We were two couples with a short amount of time in Rome. We felt it was important to have a guide to see both the Vatican and Sistine Chapel and the Colosseum and Roman Forum. We made arrangements to see both with Paola Lauro and it was the best decision we could have made. Paola met us at our hotel before both tours. We took a taxi together to the Vatican and she whisked us right through the entrance and into the Museums. Paola showed us the most important pieces and rooms there and then spent about 15 minutes sitting with us and teaching us about what we would see in the Sistine Chapel. As there is no talking allowed in the Chapel it was important for us to know what we would be seeing and where each panel was. Paola is so knowledgeable about art, art history, and the history of Rome and the Roman Empire and was so interested in making sure we were understanding the importance of all that we were seeing. Also, it is so important to have a guide as we never waited in any lines and this would not have been possible if we’d entered on our own. After the Chapel we walked to St. Peter’s Basilica and, again, entered without a wait and viewed the Pieta and the other important pieces there. We were in awe of all that we saw and know that it was because of Paola that we were able to appreciate all that we saw. It was 6:30 pm on a dark rainy evening when we finished our tour and there were no cabs to be found. Paola was so kind to take us under her wing and guided us back to our hotel using the underground which we would have definitely not figured out on our own. What a blessing to have found Paola and Unique Roman Guide.

The following day Paola again met us at our hotel and we walked together to the Roman Forum and Colosseum. What a fabulous experience again. We were blown away by the history here. Paola again shared all of her historical knowledge with us and made sure that we understood all that we were seeing. As we walked from Palatine Hill towards the Colosseum Paola took us through a chapel that opened out onto a patio that overlooked the Colosseum and we had our first up close view. It was unbelievable. We had booked our tickets far enough in advance that when we entered the Colosseum we were able to enter onto the main floor (bypassing all entry lines once again) and had a most enjoyable and informative discussion about the gladiators and their lives and how they came to be “the show”.

Ann Evans

Response from Unique Rome Guide

Thank you so much Ann! It has been a great pleasure to be your private guide.

Vatican and Sistine Chapel

Rated 5,0 out of 5

Having Paola guide us was a wonderful way of experiencing the Vatican Museum and Sistine Chapel. She was very professional, warm and her knowledge and passion made many of the painting and sculptures come to live. She was very thorough in her explanation of the Sistine Chapel and catered to my two teenager’s interests. We were fortunate to be able to visit during a quiet time and in such a personal way. Thank you Paola!

Can’t wait to come back and have you guide us again!

Alexandra Mealla


Rated 5,0 out of 5

Notre première après midi avec Paola, magnifique. Que dire que les personnes n’ont pas encore dit. Visiter Rome avec Paola ne peut être qu’inoubliable. Ses connaissances sur Rome et son empire, son enthousiasme vous transporte dans l’histoire sans voir le temps passer.

Un grand MERCI et au plaisir de vous recevoir dans notre région.

Sabine et Jérôme BERTRAND

Paola is Masterful as a Guide

Rated 5,0 out of 5

Sitting down to write this review, I accessed my photos … and WOW(!) the entire grand experience came flooding back into my memory. It’s hard to imagine that we toured so much in one day! … and it was Paola’s masterful planning and special access that made the day extraordinary.

I particularly appreciated how we reviewed (from her book) the art, history and buildings prior to entering – equipping us with what to look for and to appreciate up front. This special time allowed us to listen to the stories and to ‘get curious’ and wonder what it was like … a very special skill, masterfully demonstrated, in engaging others into the past. Her history and expertise brought, not only credibility to the experience, but a depth of knowledge that invited a more interest and questions.

And the views! She pointed us to look up, to look down, and to look all around – capturing the detailed and the vast, bringing a reality to each element of the experience.

I loved the map room, the sculptured head room, the ceilings painted with story, the massiveness of the buildings, the beauty … All of it – made accessible through Paola’s masterful skill in guiding us through time.


Amazing experience

Rated 5,0 out of 5

We had a vatican tour with Paola, with our 11 years old son. She explained everything very well, with a bride knowledge of details and historical facts. It is a pleasure to be guided by her – she is a really warm person.