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Plus planning by Carolina

Unique Experience

We offer to plan your stay and can customize your visit according to your expectations, selecting and advising on cultural itineraries and recommending the best food and wine. I can provide a day-by-day itinerary with all our best agenda and tour advice whenever you need it.

Day-by-day Itineraries

I  will send you a proposal that includes must-see places, exclusive privately tailored tours, advice for lunch and dinners. Each program is created on demand and is based on the specific request of our guest. The aim is to make your stay in Rome a unique and unforgettable experience. I am the author of prestigious guides on the city so I have a deep understanding on the different experiences.

I can organize exclusive tours at the Sistine Chapel, at Colosseum and Roman Forum and last but not least, let you discover the Roman Palaces. These ancient Roman mansions are often breathtaking inside and quite unlike what you will find in the stately homes in other countries such as England or France. Some are still privately owned, and we can make the doors open just for you.

If you are with your kids I suggest, as a unique experience, to visit some contemporary artist ateliers and meet with them. You will know what’s going on in Rome on the contemporary art issue.

I can organize a day trip to Pompei, to the Costiera, or to Florence. If you want to visit Venice or Cinque Terre you should allow 3 days for the trip.

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risto roma

Gourmet Experience

For years, I have been advising my friends on where to go eating out and what to see. Food has been a great part of my husband’s life. He started writing weekly about restaurants 25 years ago, for the major Roman newspaper, “Il Messaggero” and ended up running the best Italian food and wine guide. We constantly have to try new places, keep in contact with most of the best chef. Once you get addicted to good food you never stop caring, you’re always hunting for the best shops and markets. In other words, I will share with you our favorite experiences because I truly believe this is, as long as you find the authentic key for it, the country for “heavenly” food.

Wine Tasting
Having a good glass of wine is not a luxury in Rome, but pretty much the standard. There are several places one can experiment Italian wine tradition. On a clear day, we could choose a different setting and you could have a pleasant wine experience, with an English speaking sommelier and a great view. Wine, coffee or ice cream in Rome are a daily break must .

Cooking Classes
Want to know the best thing you can bring back from your Roman holiday? The art of cooking some Italian dishes. So, why don’t you take advantage of your stay and learn how to prepare pasta, pizza or ice cream? Rome has many different English cooking classes you can join, from a few hours to a full week. I can organize for you a market tour followed by a cooking experience, on demand, in a very special aristocratic home. This is an intense full immersion in the secret life of the Italian elite.

Driver Services

Airport transfer

Day trips around Rome

Day trips around Rome and outskirts as Ostia Antica, Palestrina, Tivoli and Frascati wine tasting area.

Day trips and transfers to Florence and Pisa.

Day trip and transfer to Pompei.

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