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Seven Hills

A driving tour in my personal car, or with a van and a driver, is a great way to see many things within a three-hour journey. We’ll see Rome from the upper hills, stopping at some secret locations on the way, snapping photos of the best views, and visiting underground vaults. Here is a list of the main attractions we could visit:

  • Circus Maximus

  • View of Palatine Hill

  • Santa Sabina, an early Christian 4th century church on the Aventine Hill

  • The Garden of Oranges

  • Knights of Malta Keyhole

  • Viewing of the Baths of Caracalla and the old Aurelian Walls

  • San Clemente medieval church with underground vaults

  • Quattro Santi Coronati the most enchanting medieval cloister in Rome

  • City panorama from Janiculum Hill: the best view of Rome

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