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Just a few kilometers and within easy reach of Rome, we have splendid villas, enchanting villages and extraordinary landscapes, preserved in poetry by the romantic travelers of the past. It’s worth visiting them all, but that would take months! We suggest you start with a 3-hour tour of Ostia Antica, or a 6-hour tour of Tivoli.

If you like grandeur, and want to visit castles and villas surrounded by beautiful historic gardens, Etruscan archaeological sites, or delightful Renaissance fortresses, just ask our service Plus.

Tour Ostia Antica

Ostia Antica was the ancient port of Rome – a lively city and trading hub with a theater, forum,spas, temples, market and shops, buildings, houses and villas. Time here now stands still. Among the scent of the sea and the maritime pines, it’s possible to recall the daily life of two thousand years ago, walking among romantic ruins.


Take the time to spend a day outside Rome and visit Villa Adriana and Villa d’Este

Tour Villa Adriana

The villa of Emperor Hadrian extends over 120 hectares. I’ll guide you through this splendid panorama of nature, the avenues lined with pavilions, swimming pools, spas, theatres,  palaces for the prince and accommodations for a thousand people at the service of power. Nothing better encapsulates the image of Rome at the peak of its power, and as the undisputed capital of an empire that spanned three continents, than this villa.

Tour Villa d’Este

Created five hundred years ago, and costing a colossal fortune, the gardens of Villa d’Este were created by the son of Lucrezia Borgia, Cardinal Ippolito d’Este. I’ll guide you through the waterfalls and avenues of fragrant flowers, the charm of the Italian garden adding to that of the villa, where landscape-themed frescoes by talented painters adorn the walls.

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A perfect day!


We spent a fantastic day with Paola at the Villa Adriana and Villa d’Este! Paola was extremely knowledgeable, fun to talk with, and led us through an exciting and beautiful tour of these historic villas. She even drove us out of town herself so we didn’t have to worry about public transportation. If you’re visiting Rome, don’t miss this opportunity!


An amazing experience!


We took the Tivoli trip with Paola as our guide and it was a highlight of our trip to Italy! It was very nice to have transport with Paola from Rome to Tivoli and back and not have to worry about figuring out how to get there. Paula is friendly, patient and very knowledgeable about both Villa Adriana and Villa d’Este and added a ton of “color commentary” that we wouldn’t have gotten from just reading the signs or books. It was well worth the investment of a guide and is an experience I will take with me for a very long time! Thank you Paola for a truly wonderful experience!